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One Product – Five Prices

B000FIMG68.01.LZZZZZZZ There it is, the Lost Season 2 DVD. I already have the first season and watching it on the big screen is definitely nicer than being crouched over the laptop, but yesterday I went to 8  different  merchants stores and websites to sought out the best deals.  But three of the merchants didn’t even carry the Season 2 DVD.

The merchants I visited:
– Vintage Stock ( local used video/dvd/cd store)
– Borders
-Barnes & Noble
– Walmart
– Target
– Best Buy
– Deep

So if the store even had the product to begin with, who had the best deal?

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The Best Possible Banking Account For You

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When I was about eight years old, I had a savings account with my first bank.
So one day, me and my mom went there to deposit a nice full jar of coins (mostly pennies). As I lifted the money over the counter to the teller, I was probably grinning about how much richer I would soon be. The teller though instead of smiling back and congratulating me on being a fantastic saver, motioned to the sign next to her. And there it was: the various charges and fees for depositing change at the bank. After that, I moved my money to a bank that didn’t charge me a dime for every two dollars of change I deposited.  Since then I never wanted an account that charged me for anything.

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