My name’s HJ and I’m 19 years old right now. I’m just starting to learn about personal finance and I’m currently attending a local community college. I don’t have a major yet but I’m want to work in comedy, be a teacher, make a TV show and/or movie, and study (or just go out to) space. Finances is also an area I’m interested in now . 🙂 This blog is also intended for young adults and basically my age that are starting to learn and take care of their money.

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Any financial decision made resulting from reading this blog should be taken at your own risk. Thank You For Saving is intended for entertainment and some suggestions but does not replace seeking professional advice.I wish I could give financial advice that would help you earn millions but I can’t. I mean it, I really can’t. I'm simply sharing what I've found along the way to MAKING the millions ;)

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