One Product – Five Prices

B000FIMG68.01.LZZZZZZZ There it is, the Lost Season 2 DVD. I already have the first season and watching it on the big screen is definitely nicer than being crouched over the laptop, but yesterday I went to 8  different  merchants stores and websites to sought out the best deals.  But three of the merchants didn’t even carry the Season 2 DVD.

The merchants I visited:
– Vintage Stock ( local used video/dvd/cd store)
– Borders
-Barnes & Noble
– Walmart
– Target
– Best Buy
– Deep

So if the store even had the product to begin with, who had the best deal?

VINTAGE STOCK: When I walk in, there’s the jingle of bells and the group of guys saying ” HOW YOU DOIN'” before returning to chatting, A+ customer service I say. And the place had that distinct aroma.. But they do have it in stock. It’s actually brand new, sorta going against the “buy used” concept but the
Price: $37.67 including tax

BORDERS: Since Borders was right across the street, I skipped over and went inside. It was freezing but I found the DVD section quickly. Borders has a weird habit of locking in their dvds like it’s some ancient artifact. I look over the Lost dvds and the only ones they had was the Season 4 on Blue Ray probably because it was 59.99.
Price: Not Available.

BARNES & NOBLE: B&N actually did have it and when I saw it it said “ 10%” off. But as I can closer it said on the sticker in teeny print ” for Members Only 10% off. Argh! B&N why! So..since the list price on it was $39.99..
Price: Members = $36.00 plus tax
Non-members= $39.99 plus tax

WALMART: They didn’t have it. Note they did have Walker the Texas Ranger and Secret Life of an American Teenager..
Price: Not Available.

Same story as Walmart, same lame Tv DVDs instead of Lost.
Price: Not Available.

Well to break the little cycle BB did have the product but at the same price as the Vintage Stock place.
Price: $37.67 including tax

AMAZON.COM: If you go to the website here, it says $32.99, so it’s best price. But with shipping… it might not be since you have to pay and wait (time is money too). But on the site it says it qualifies for “Super Saver Discount Free Shipping” which takes 5-9 business days. Tax is $2.52
Price: $35.51 ( Including tax)

DEEP DISCOUNT: This site is where I got my book ” I Will Teach You To Be Rich”..It came about a week after I ordered it and it was accurate in the description. And out of all the stores, Deep Discount is the cheapest. Plus shipping is FREE. 🙂
Price: $30.13 (honestly not sure if tax included or not.)

The range for the prices was the cheapest ($30.13 ) and most expensive ($39.99) most a 10 dollar difference.  Makes me wonder,why are bookstores dvds so much more expensive?

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