How I saved 100* bucks using

First there’s tuition but then another way money is sapped from your poor little hands is paying for books. Now this summer, I went to some classes over at a community college. Me trying to be prepared and all, I buy the used books online for my classes at really cheap prices. The mistake? I should have waited until AFTER I went to class to know if I really even still needed the book. For example, in Public Speaking by the first five minutes she told us that we really didn’t need to buy the book and that the edition that is assigned to this class would later be replaced making it worthless to sell online. As she said this I sighed at my now worthless textbook staring back at me. ( Even worse we probably only cracked open the book seven times)

But still I saved a lot by buying my comp book online and renting my stats book.  This is the website I used to search for my books.
Campus books also helped with comparing the different merchants by showing the real total when it came to the price + shipping.

Now to the main title. Since I was only going to be using my stat textbook for 2 months, instead of paying $149.35 (New) or slightly cheaper used, I rented it at Chegg’s for $50.92 (including tax+shipping) for the Summer Semester slot.

LIST PRICE $149.35 – HOW MUCH I PAID $50.92= $98.43 SAVED.

There’s a date that you have to postmark and ship back to Chegg’s when you’re heading to the end of the semester. You just print a return slip, go to a local UPS store, and drop it book. The person there will give you a receipt that you did bring it and that’s it! No hassles with selling it back online or anything. Also another tip for potential Chegg customers..when you get a textbook in the mail :keep the box for when you return it.

Steps for Getting Textbooks for Your Classes

  1. Go to class and find out whether you really need to have the book.
  2. If you do, go online to Campus Books and compare the books there
  3. Check if it might be better to rent the book instead.
  4. You could even borrow  the book from the library or a person.
  5. Whatever you do, Avoid buy the books from your college book stores. It’s like buying candy from the movie theaters. (Fairly important note: Still check the prices at your school’s bookstore since there’s always a chance it might be cheaper)

3 Responses to “How I saved 100* bucks using”

  1. 1 Joey Baleni January 14, 2010 at 2:51 am

    Chegg is great and saves students so much money! I always use coupon code : CC105203 for an extra 5% off PLUS free shipping !!!!

    Chegg buys your old textbooks too! Use coupon code CC105203 for an extra $5.00 cash back when selling books !!

  2. 2 Chegg Review March 13, 2010 at 5:45 pm

    Chegg really is a quality service. I have been working in my spare time putting together a review of Chegg and a thorough explanation of how to use the system to provide a good resource for people. Buying textbooks can really hurt students that are on a limited budget and little things like renting can make a big difference.

  3. 3 Chegg March 23, 2010 at 5:50 pm

    Very nice article! It is really a good idea to wait untill the first class before you roder your books. That has happened to me before but luckily I just returned the book to the book store. I’m not sure if Chegg does but I know there are companies out there that would work with you in that situation if you wanted to send the book back.

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