My Brief Encounter with Swoopo

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I don’t know how or why I came across swoopo but it did look intriguing.  But after I tried it. I concluded this: AVOID AVOID AVOID.

Okay maybe I’m being a lil bit dramatic but it’s basically eBay but you have to pay for your bids PLUS the amount you win it at ( BIG if you even win) PLUS the shipping which is quite expensive! Now swoopo did make some changes from the first time I went there and the second .

First time I visited. I go to the site and notice how Swoopo constantly shows how much you could be “saving” if you actually won the item. But seriously does anyone really win anything? At the bottom they do have all the “Finished Auctions”..
Wow some person won a laptop for 5 dollars? and another random unknown dude won that camera for $17.89? They make it seem so easy…wait..what they sell gold? I take a look at buying bids. Hmm.. every time you bid it costs 60 cents. So if you make 20 bids that’s already 12 dollars gone, simply bidding for nothing if you don‘t win.. After reading that I logged off and dismissed it as a waste of money.

Second time I visited. Since I dismissed Swoopo as a legit scam and forgot about it, a few months later I got an email from them saying “ WE MISS YOU, HERE’S 40 FREE BIDS.” 40 free bids? Wow I guess I’ll try it this once. So I get back on the site and the strange thing is…I don’t really see anything on there I would want to have. Sure there’s the computers, flat screens, and other weird stuff like tweezers but nothing really looked appealing even if I did have to pay 2 cents for it. So I wasted some bids on a bar of gold and something else forgettable when I saw the Flip HD camcorder. Now that was the only thing I wanted to win and willing to pay the ridiculous $12 on shipping.  With about 37 bids left, and the auction ending at 9 am the next morning, (it was 12 at night currently) I decided I could snooze a bit and wake up at 6 am to bid since no one would be bidding then right?

Wrong. Turns out with that stupid Bid Butler, I lost to some Lord of the highest bids who was probably a master at pre-setting bids and destroying dreams by snatching up items everywhere.

I did notice three new features and changes on the site though:
1.) Auctions can randomly be closed at any time and only the people that put at least one bid in, can continue to stay and waste their time bid .

2.) Some auctions are called “ Nail Biters” which means that no BidButlers are allowed. So the person with the fastest mouse/ internet connections/ lack of need for sleep will win.

3.) There’s a thing on the bottom of an auction that says “ Swoop it now” which basically gives you the item your bidded for at a discount of the cost of bids you made. So if the camera’s list price is $200 and you did 75 bids at .60 cents each you would have a discount of  $45. So the camera’s yours for $155. They probably added this after a large amount of people stabbed their eyes out when they came in second and spent $98.60 on bids for a return of nothing.

My verdict? It’s the same as going to Vegas, and gambling.  Save your money and buy it at a store.

Any money making sites that seem a little weird that you’ve tried?
Does anyone still want to use Swoopo after I’ve given it such a great review? 😉

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